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NEXUS Family Application

NEXUS Family Application

NEXUS makes it easy for Canadians!  Canadian NEXUS is fast and easy. You can apply for your family’s NEXUS card Canada online. The NEXUS card is valid for 5 years.

Easy NEXUS Canada are NEXUS family application experts. Our NEXUS family application checking, and processing service makes your life easier. with our fast and easy online renewal application. We do the hard work for you! We take care of your NEXUS family application and our rapid customer care is second to none. You can relax knowing that your NEXUS applications for your family is completely accurate and error free. Think about it; this can take hours of our valuable time and one simple error can result in your NEXUS application being denied after waiting months!

We’re not the government, but we make your NEXUS family application process fast and easy. If you prefer to apply for NEXUS yourself, you can apply here.

How To Apply For NEXUS Family Application In Canada

  • You can apply for NEXUS family Canada by filling out the NEXUS application form online. There is no government NEXUS family application form.
  • You must apply for each NEXUS family member separately.
  • Once your NEXUS applications are submitted, they are thoroughly checked and then processed. Accuracy & professionalism assured: NEXUS family applications may be denied if submitted incorrectly.
  • Your NEXUS pass application is sent to government agencies for background checks (wait time up to 12 weeks – sometimes longer)
  • We send you details of how to manage and monitor your NEXUS card application
  • Conditional Approval stage (if your background checks are in order, you are invited for a NEXUS interview. It can take up to 12 weeks to reach NEXUS Conditional Approval). NEXUS interview wait times (vary between enrollment centers and can take up to 12 weeks
  • Receive your NEXUS pass (10 – 14 days after a successful NEXUS interview)

Applying directly is complicated & time consuming; our fast, easy jargon-free online form make NEXUS family application fast and easy.